NEW!!! Little Boy - Video


I have now a new video available for the song 'Little Boy'...Video made by Ruediger Schestag...Hope you like it.../J

Little Boy from J-uke.

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I have now added a couple of live songs to my iPhone app - 'The Chance' & 'Then I Fell'. To listen to them, please upgrade your iPhone app or download it from here.





I have now uploaded a new video for the song 'Then I Fell'...Just go to the 'Video' section (web or iPhone app) Hope you like it!!! 

Then I Fell Video

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I have now updated my iPhone app to include 2 more songs, from the single 'Belief'. These 2 songs I call 'Ukulele Pure' as recordings done only with ukulele & voice. To listen to them, please upgrade your iPhone app or download it from here.




Some of my songs now playing on Jango...a free-music internet radio...Check it out!!!

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Thanks to all of you who has already downloaded my app and given me great reviews. For those of you not yet downloaded, just click here






As Xmas is coming up and time for giving, you can now download my song 'A Wish' for FREE until the end of the year...Merry Xmas Everybody!!!

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If you have access to Spotify, you can listen to my album 'Time To Change' here...

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Uploaded a video for the song - 'Mesmerized'...Just go to the 'Videos' section to have a look. Also available in my iPhone app.

J-uke / Mesmerized

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Added a custom iPhone/iPad/iTouch home screen icon for my website, that will show up when you hit the 'Add to Homescreen'...Try it out...:)



My iphone app is now available in iTunes as a FREE download, features my music, photos and much more...J-uke @ App Store

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I have now my own Facebook page and please join in for the latest updates.

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For quick and short updates what I'm doing, feel free to follow my twitter account

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Remember this game?!?...Now made it online again...
Uke Wings  



J-uke iPhone App Coming soon...


Yesterday I submitted my newly developed iphone app...Crossing my fingers that it will be approved by Apple soon...Will let you know as soon as it is available...It includes song, pictures, links etc. etc...will give more information later




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